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Signs Your Forced-Air Heater Needs Repairs

Monday, October 29th, 2018

burnersForced-air heaters are some of the most common heaters in the country. If we had to guess what kind of heater you have in your home right now, we’d be correct in guessing that you have a furnace (statistically speaking, at least). Some of you may also have heat pumps, another type of forced-air heater that also doubles as an air conditioner.

While both of these systems operate quite well, they do have their share of common repair issues, just as any other heater would. We don’t want you to be stuck in the cold, so make sure to call for furnace repair in Portland, OR at the first sign of trouble.


Call Professionals to Deal with a Cracked Heat Exchanger

Monday, February 5th, 2018

new-heating-systemWinter is the time of year that your forced-air furnace sees daily activity, for obvious reasons. And if you have an older furnace, you need to keep a close watch on it to see if it suffers any serious damage. In particular, look for a cracked heat exchanger, which usually results in a complete shutdown of the system. The good news there is that it’s easy to spot the problem. The bad news is that it can often mean something serious, such as a cracked heat exchanger. In such circumstances, it’s vital that you call a furnace repair service immediately. (more…)

3 Things to Look for in a Heating Repair Service

Monday, January 22nd, 2018

heating-repair-serviceJanuary is the worst time to experience a breakdown in your heating system, but it does happen. The weather is never as cold as it is in the winter, and a loss of heat could mean a health risk, as well as a loss of comfort, as your home could resemble an icebox in a matter of hours.

No one likes to think about having to call for a heating repair service, especially in the middle of a blizzard or cold front.  But sometimes it’s necessary, and when you need it, you want to make sure that the service you call is up for the job. There are a number of fine services in the area, and in the end only you can make the best move for your circumstances. There are, however a few things you should look for that can help ensure the service you call is the best one for the job. (more…)

Signs You Need Furnace Repair

Monday, December 25th, 2017

heating-system-repairsWith winter officially here, your heating system is likely going to kick into overdrive over the next few weeks: keeping your home warm during the coldest nights and providing safety as well as comfort to your entire family. A sudden breakdown can be a disaster, especially if it takes place just when you need your furnace to function the most. (more…)

Signs You Need a Heater Repair Call

Monday, October 16th, 2017

heater-repair-serviceThe weather has turned cooler in the last few weeks, and with summer finally owner, homeowners are firing up their heating systems to keep their homes warm. That makes the autumn the ideal time to spot the signs that your heating system might need repairs. Not only are you using the system for the first time in a while, but if there’s trouble, you still have several weeks to get it treated before the weather gets too much colder.

Only a trained technician should attempt to formally diagnose a heating problem, let alone conduct repairs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spot the symptoms. Many signs are quite common, and can be caused by a wide number of possible issues. You don’t need to know what those issues are to realize that something’s wrong. (more…)

Perform Heating Repair Jobs Now

Monday, October 2nd, 2017

heating-repair-optionsSummer has finally come to an end and fall is officially upon us. While the occasional bout of Indian summer might appear in the next month or so, we’ve largely been running our air conditioners less and less, and our heaters more and more in this environment. That makes now the perfect time to check your system for any lingering problems and schedule repairs with a trained technician if some are needed. (more…)

3 Reasons Your Furnace Won’t Run

Monday, January 2nd, 2017

Nothing can be more disconcerting than turning on your gas furnace with no result. We’re all used to the sounds our furnace makes when turning on. When those sounds don’t come, you know that trouble is brewing, and winters in Tigard, OR are too cold to just let the problem sit. (more…)

Some Reasons Your Furnace Won’t Stay Lit

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

Nothing is worse on a cold winter day than turning on your heat and having nothing happen. Or, even more frustrating, having it the heat on for a couple of minutes before it inexplicably turns off. There are a number of possible reasons that this could happen. Let’s take a look at what could be causing it.


The thermostat is the control center for your entire heating system. When you notice something strange with your heat, check the thermostat first. It is quite possible that everything else is working fine, but the thermostat is malfunctioning. Even a furnace in peak condition can’t do much if it’s getting the wrong instructions.

Pilot Light

The pilot light is the continually burning flame used to light the burner and start the furnace. If the pilot light is out, the furnace has no way to start and your heat won’t work. It’s pretty easy to check this one. Look under your furnace, though some have a window into the unit itself. If you can’t see the pilot light, that’s the cause of your furnace failure.

Gas Valve

The gas valve controls how much gas flows into the furnace. If there is a problem with your gas valve, the furnace won’t light because it won’t have fuel to burn. If your pilot light is still lit, but your furnace isn’t turning on, this might be the reason. It is also possible that there is a leak or a blockage in the gas line itself that is preventing enough fuel from getting to the furnace. Either way, you’ll need a professional to fix it for you.


The burner is what keeps the furnace lit, and is controlled by the thermostat. Occasionally there may be parts of the burner that break or get dirty, and are unable to light or keep a flame going after contact with the pilot light. If everything else seems to be fine, but the burner itself isn’t lighting, you will likely need it serviced by a technician.

If you are experiencing problems with your furnace, call Clean Air Act today. Our professional technicians conduct hearing repairs throughout the Portland, OR area.

What to Look for in a Heating Repair Service

Friday, January 10th, 2014

In today’s information-saturated world, you only need to type the words “heating repair” into a search engine, or speak them into your smart phone to get a long list of potential contractors for hire. How do you navigate through the oceans of choices—especially when you know that many of the companies are probably inexperienced or they don’t offer the services you need?

Here are some criteria that we think is crucial for any heating repair service worth hiring. We think that after you consider these points, you’ll discover that Clean Air Act is one of your best picks for heating repair service in Portland, OR.

A few things to look for in a heating repair contractor:

  • 24-hour emergency service – Breakdowns and serious repair needs do not stick to a convenient timetable, and a heating repair service should be ready to help you out at unusual times, around the clock and around the calendar.
  • A variety of heating services – Check to see if the repair service you are interested in works on variety of heating systems: furnaces, heat pumps, geothermal, ductless, high velocity, etc. Repair technicians with a wide range of knowledge will not only perform better repairs, they will also be helpful when it is time for a replacement heater.
  • Duct cleaning – Proper heating for a home involves more than the heater unit itself. Most heaters use ductwork to distribute warmed air, and ducts contaminated with dust, dirt, and debris can not only damage your heater, it can reduce its effectiveness by as much as 30%. A good heating service will also offer duct cleaning so you will get the most from your heater and only need to deal with one contractor.
  • Maintenance program – The best way to care for your heater so you will need fewer repairs in the future is to enroll in a regular maintenance program. Look for a heating service that offers different maintenance programs that will fit your budget.

Contact Clean Air Act

If you want high quality heating repair in Portland, OR, then you won’t need to search far: Clean Air Act is here to serve you, 24 hours a day. We offer a three-tiered maintenance program, perform thorough duct cleaning, and work on numerous types of heating systems. Call us today to get started with the heating repair that will keep you satisfied all through the winter.

Air Handler Problems We Often See

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Forced-air heating is a common way to provide warmth for a house. If you have a heat pump or a furnace installed, it uses the distribution of heated air through ductwork and out vents to deliver you the temperature necessary to enjoy a comfortable winter season in Oregon.

A key component of forced-air systems is the air handler, which is responsible for the movement of air through the ducts. Air handlers are different from system to system—a furnace air handler isn’t like a heat pump air handler—so repair work requires technicians with extensive and broad training. When you need that kind of professional heating repair service in Portland, OR, the people to turn to are the experts at Clean Air Act.

A few common air handlers issues

  • Air filter clogs: The most frequent trouble to afflict air handler comes from the filter designed to protect the interior of the heating system. The air filter must be changed regularly (we recommend once a month during the height of the heating season) or the amount of dirt and debris trapped in it will begin to restrict air flow—and worse, damage the filter so the debris infiltrates it and harms the inside of the air handler.
  • Burnt-out motors: Motors are responsible for running the air handler fan. If left without regular maintenance and cleaning, or if a large amount of dust enters the handler, the motors will strain to work and eventually burn out. Dusty motor bearings are one of the most common reasons for motors running down. If an air handler motor burns out, a professional will need to replace it.
  • Damaged fan belts: The most exposed section of the air handler, and the one most susceptible to damage, is the blower motor fan belt. It operates similar to the fan belt in a car engine, although you shouldn’t attempt to replace an air handler belt just because you know how to change a car engine belt: the job requires specific skills. If the fan belt becomes cracked or comes loose entirely, it will threaten to damage other components inside the air handler, so the belt needs to be replaced as soon as you discover something is wrong. (Usually a violent clacking sound.)

If the air handler in your furnace or air pump breaks down, it won’t matter how effectively the rest of the system runs: you will have zero airflow from the vents, and therefore zero heating. Call for professional repairs before the problem grows too large. You should also enroll in routine maintenance with a trusted HVAC company so you will catch air handler problems early and keep your system clean and functioning its best.

You can reach Clean Air Act 24 hours a day when you need heating repair in Portland, OR. Look into our maintenance program to help take good care of your air handler and all parts of your heating system.