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Air Conditioning & Heating Services in Troutdale, OR

You probably run your air conditioner every day during the summer in Troutdale, OR, not only to control the temperature, but to cut down on high humidity levels. Cold temperatures and low humidity levels demand similar reliability from your heater.

When your system runs into trouble, you need an HVAC company that can respond with top–notch repairs, as well as suggesting upgrades like dehumidifiers to improve your HVAC system’s functioning and make your home a more comfortable place. We serve the whole of Troutdale, OR: whatever your household needs, call on us to make it happen! You should also look into our AC and heating maintenance plan to save money down the road!

AC Repair & Installation

Installing a new AC system means evaluating your home carefully, which the friendly team at The Clean Air Act Inc. does before every AC installation in the Troutdale, OR area. That ensures that the right system is selected for your unique needs, and installed the right way with no issues.

It also means that we can hunt down problems with your system and perform AC repairs more swiftly: with knowledge of the specific conditions in your home that might have created the problem!

Heating Repair & Installation

Heating installation services ideally need to take place in the spring and summer, before you have need of it. Why? It gives you and your technician the time to carefully evaluate your home and determine the best type of heater for it, instead of moving more quickly in the middle of winter when cold weather can be dangerous.

Call on our team every time for heating installation services, as well as heating repair services!

Furnace Services

Installing a new furnace can be a daunting task. You want the right team on your side, and ideally you want to set it up in the late spring or summer, when you have plenty of time to schedule the session before the weather starts to get cool. We install new furnaces, as well as repairing and maintaining them!

Indoor Air Quality

If your air seems excessively dusty, you have an indoor air quality issue. A thorough ducting cleaning, and duct repair if there’s a breach in the system, can help a great deal. Even better, have us install an electronic air cleaner in your system. We also provide radon testing services to protect your home from a serious environmental hazard, and can install a UV air purifier in your home to take care of germs!

Dehumidifiers & Humidifiers

A dehumidifier can be as important as an air conditioner in the summer, when the air is muggy and ACs can’t handle the excess moisture effectively. The same holds true with humidifiers in the winter: adding moisture to the air. We can install, repair, maintain and replace both types, so call us today to make an appointment!

Air Purifiers

An electronic air cleaner ionizes particles of dust and causes them to stick to a collection pan, making them a far more effective solution to dust and dirt than simple filters. Similarly, UV air purifiers can be used to kill germs in your air and cut down on illness in your family. Call us to discuss your installation options!