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Portable Vs. Whole-House Dehumidifiers

Monday, June 25th, 2018

portable-dehumidifierA dehumidifier is an excellent supplement to your air conditioning in Beavercreek, OR. But when it comes down to it, many people ask the same question:

“Can’t I just get a portable dehumidifier instead of a whole-house one?”

Instead of trying to convince you one way or the other, we’ve listed several qualities of dehumidifiers and compared how each model performs.


Upgrade Your Air Conditioning System Before Summer Hits

Monday, April 2nd, 2018

air-conditioning-fansSpring is here, and summer will be along before you know it. Prudent homeowners will give their air conditioning systems a close look sometime this spring. It will help your unit function more effectively, and cut into those high summer bills.

If you have something more radical in mind, you might look into an upgrade or two to your system. These are options that can lower your energy bills, allow more precise cooling power and generally make your home more comfortable. If that sounds like something your home could use, now is the time to talk about an installation. (more…)

High Humidity Can Damage Your AC

Monday, July 24th, 2017

Summers in Oregon are invariably hot, but even worse than the high temperatures are high humidity levels that can turn our homes into steam baths. Air conditioners can deal with the problem somewhat, but they aren’t built to lower the humidity, only the temperature. Furthermore, high humidity can damage your AC as it tries to deal with the issue, as well as leaving your home muggy and uncomfortable in the extreme. That’s the bad news. The good news is that there’s an effective way to deal with it: whole-house dehumidifiers. (more…)

IAQ Products Help Make Your Home a Better Place to Live

Monday, June 12th, 2017

indoor-air-qualityEveryone knows how important air conditioning systems are in the heat of summer, and the necessity of furnaces or other types of heating system in the cold of winter. But as important as temperature is in determining your household comfort levels, it’s not the only factor you need to consider. Dust and dirt can wreak havoc with your family’s comfort and health as well, as can germs and mold which may grow in the quiet corners of your home.

Humidity levels are always a factor in Oregon too, with muggy air dominating in the summer and dry air arriving in the winter. All of these factors contribute to your household comfort levels, and unfortunately, a heating and air conditioning system just isn’t set up to accommodate them. (more…)

Improve Air Conditioning Efficiency This Summer

Monday, April 3rd, 2017

You’re likely going to be using your air conditioner pretty soon and, as the weather continues to get warmer, you’ll be called upon to use it more and more until it becomes a daily exercise. You’re going to need to spend more on monthly cooling bills by default when running the system so often. But take care that the need for increased air conditioner use doesn’t make you pay more than you should for the privilege. By improving your air conditioner’s efficiency this summer, you can help lower those bills and get a handle on the wear-and-tear that hot weather inflicts on your system. (more…)

Install a Dehumidifier This Spring

Monday, March 6th, 2017

Snow has begun to turn to rain and before you know it, spring will be here again. With warmer temperatures comes a lot of wet weather, and humidity levels that can make your home feel like a swamp. Air conditioners can mitigate the problem somewhat, but it’s a very crude way to address the problem, and it places a lot of undue strain on the system. Far more effective is a dehumidifier: designed to remove the moisture throughout your house and provide a great deal of control in the process. Over time, it can extend the lifespan of your HVAC system and provide you with decades of reliable use in most cases. Here’s how it works. (more…)

Look into a Dehumidifier This Spring

Monday, April 18th, 2016

Beaverton, OR can get plenty hot in the summer, which is why you need your air conditioner to run at top condition before the temperatures get too high. But Oregon is also a very humid part of the world, and excessive moisture can be just as much of a factor in your household comfort level as high temperatures can. If you don’t already own one, look into a whole-house dehumidifier this spring. You’d be surprised at how much of a difference it will make. (more…)

Install a Dehumidifier to Maximize Home Comfort

Monday, June 8th, 2015

If you live in Portland, OR, you know that rain and high humidity levels are a way of life around here. It gets particularly bad in the summertime, when relative humidity combines with high heat to make things unbearable. Your air conditioner can provide some relief, but cool air can only deal with humidity levels so much. If you really want to address the problem, you should talk to a service professional and have him or her install a dehumidifier to maximize home comfort. (more…)

What You Need to Know about Air Conditioning and Humidity

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

“It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.” This is a common phrase that most of have heard (or said) during the summer. It seems that despite the best efforts of our air conditioners, we may still find that the humidity and heat are unstoppable during the dog days of summer. Even homes that have excellent air conditioners with high performance values may be frustrated by stuffy and uncomfortable levels of humidity in the home. While your AC does dehumidify the air, this does not often impact the relative humidity of the entire home enough. In today’s post, we’d like to examine the relation between air conditioning and humidity in more detail. Call the Portland, OR air conditioning technicians at Clean Air Act today for cooling services throughout the Portland, CA area.

As part of the cooling cycle process, your AC dehumidifies the air. The indoor evaporator circulates a cool, liquid refrigerant through its coils. As the warm indoor air blows through the coils, it causes the refrigerant inside to evaporate. In turn, this cooling process partially dehumidifies the air, which leaves condensed water on the coils that drips into the condensate drain pan. But this process only dehumidifies as part of the cooling process as a whole, and high humidity levels outside will still entail high humidity inside the home, too.

When this dehumidification process is not enough, you should consider installing a whole-house dehumidifier. While portable units can be good in a pinch, to be truly comfortable and to be able to control the level of humidity in your home, you need a device that integrates directly within your existing HVAC system. High humidity can lead to stuffy air, mold growth inside your ductwork, condensation on the walls and floors, and even damp carpeting.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your comfort, you need to make sure that your air conditioner is in great working shape, and that you’re taking all the necessary steps towards excellent indoor air quality. Call Clean Air Act today for excellent air conditioning services throughout the Portland, CA area.

Is My AC Causing Indoor Air Quality Issues?

Monday, February 18th, 2013

The Clean Air Act, Inc. is here to serve all of your Beaverton, Oregon air conditioning needs, including AC maintenance to help improve indoor air quality. Whether you have a ductless mini split or central air conditioner, there are many ways in which your AC system can impact indoor air quality. To ensure that your system is not reducing the quality of air inside your home, we’ve put together a list of ways your air conditioner may be causing indoor air quality issues.

Dirty Air Filter

Clogged air filters do not work to trap particles in your home and keep them from getting distributed throughout the home. Even if you have a ductless mini split AC system, you should change air filters at least once a month, especially if you have pets or during times of heavy use.

Lack of Proper Humidity Control

In the summer, you probably know that your home gets more humid that normal. Most air conditioners have a built-in dehumidifier, but if moisture levels are extraordinarily high, then your AC system has to work harder, and indoor air quality is affected as well. Installing a whole-home dehumidifier or air cleaner may be your best option. Indoor air pollutants can get trapped inside homes that are too moist more easily. In addition, air that is too humid is also very uncomfortable.

Older AC Systems

If you have an older AC system, it may not be equipped with the proper type of dehumidifier or effective air filters. Unless you are thinking of installing a new air filtration system, you may want to consider an upgrade for your air conditioner.

Call the Beaverton air conditioning experts at The Clean Air Act, Inc. to provide all your AC and indoor air quality needs.