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Rodger and Jayson did a great job with the PGE special PGE check and service. I was not sure what I was going to get for $75. I found with my newer electric furnace there was not a lot to service. They said my system is clean. The furnace has no oilers, not a whole lot to check. Thanks so much Clean Air Act!

- John A.

Thank you so much for doing on a great job on our $75. Dollar check and service through PGE it was a great deal and you went over our system thank you so.

- Mr Kline

An annual tune up of my furnace was performed. House call costs $60, each half-hour of service is $28. My furnace was very, very dirty so two hours were spent on it. I am confident that my furnace is in great shape now.

- Portland Customer

Great experience. He was very friendly, knowledgeable, and a great teacher. As a new homeowner, I appreciated this.

- Julia J. Portland, OR

Rodger has been wonderful. I had some problems with my power and the first one burned up. He took care of the replacement with PGE. He has been gracious and very willing to fully explain this machine to me. When the work was done, my home was clean as if he had never been there. All work was extremely satisfactory.

- Patti A., Estacada OR

I have used the Clean Air Act since August 2006 and highly recommend this company.
We have hired the Clean Air Act’s services covering the entire state of Oregon including Prineville, Lincoln City, Medfor, Detroit, Madras, Eugene, Asotria and many local area jobs.
The Clean Air Act, Inc. is responsible for the installation of heat pumpls and/or air conditioniers for our new Palm Harbor Homes. Services included are as follows: ordering the unit for the size and sq. footage of home; pulling the local permits; setting up local electrician; Installing the unit; scheduling and coordinating the install fo the unit; coordinating the inspections and final approval.
This company has great communication skills and I have received numberous great comments from my homeowners regarding the service and professionalism working with The Clean Air Act.
This is a great company to work with and I hope you give them the opportunity to do business with yours as well.

- Roberta B.

About 18 months ago you helped me with some questions about my heat pump because it was very noisy. We had the company that installed our system come out and take a look. After two visits and a lot of waiting, they adjusted our refrigerant levels. We thought the system was ok, but my husband again had noise concerns this year and our electricity bills have been really high.
We scheduled a maintenance visit with Rodger Brown of the the Clean Air Act from the ad on PGE’s intranet and are extemely happy that we did. He was very thorough and asked lots of questions about the way our system seemed to be operating and what we did for maintenance. After doing some checking he told us that our heat rise was very low (13). After doing further investigation, including a call to the vendor, he determined that our airflow was set way too high for the size of the house we have. (It was nearly doubled.)
He adjusted this for us and within five minutes the heat rise was up to 19 and rising. He also gave us a lot of good advice on things we could do to maintain our system better. Our system is much quieter, and the house is uniformly more warm, and the heat is not constantly coming on to to keep the house warm. We haven’t gotten our next bill yet, but I’m sure it is going to be much lower.
I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to work with Rodger for both his technical expertise and his excellent customer service. I hope PGE continutes to support high quality companies such as these in whatever way we can. If eel much more confident that our heat pump woes are finally behind us.

- J. Wyatt

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I have used the Clean Air Act since August 2006 and highly recommend this company. We have hired the Clean Air Act’s services covering the entire state of Oregon including Prineville, Lincoln City, Medford, Detroit, Madras, Eugene, Astoria and many local

- Roberta B.

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