What Happens When You Procrastinate on Repairs?

heating-repair-optionsThis is that time of year when we see more rain and cloudy weather than we’d like. It is something most of us are used to at this stage. But that doesn’t mean we should be used to being cold and uncomfortable in our own homes. That’s why we use heating systems—to keep the cold weather outside and enjoy a comfortably warm indoor environment.

This is all well and good, but you are going to run into problems in your house when your heating system starts having, well, problems. Even with regular maintenance (which we encourage, by the way), you may end up needing a heating repair in Portland. And we want to emphasize just how important it is that you get that repair knocked out ASAP.

What happens when you ignore repair needs?

There are residents in Portland and the surrounding areas who realize something is off with their heater … and then they ignore it. It happens. But we want you to know that this isn’t a good idea.

When you ignore repairs, things are never going to improve for your home comfort. They will only worsen. This is what you can expect when you try to skip over that heater repair:

  • Your comfort gets worse. For starters, your heater isn’t going to suddenly “remember” how to work right if you try to avoid repairs. Instead, it will just continue to try to do its best to function despite the issue. This means poor comfort that will only worsen over time as your system continues to struggle.
  • The issue compounds. Whether it is a clogged filter, dirty heating elements, or something else, these repair needs don’t take care of themselves. They only get worse. It’s like a car that is making a weird noise. The longer you try to make things work without addressing the core problem, the worse they will get. And that means repair needs will get more expensive too.
  • Energy bills go up. A heater that is struggling to work despite a repair need is going to make up for the difference in its effectiveness by divebombing its efficiency. In short, a faulty heater will use more energy and fuel to do its job. This will end up increasing your energy bills over time.
  • You may end up needing an early replacement. Last but not least, if you try to ignore a repair need, it won’t just worsen to be more expensive of a fix. It can lead to an early system breakdown. You want your heater to last for as long as possible. Timely repairs are going to help you do that. Delayed or ignored repairs can undercut your heater’s lifespan instead.

As you can see, when something is wrong with your heater, your best option is to get it fixed ASAP. We are here to help you keep your system in working order.

Schedule your next repair with the pros at The Clean Air Act. Please call Sydni, our Office Extraordinaire, to schedule your next appointment. We will take care of you from there!

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