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Air Conditioning & Heating Services in Clackamas, OR

Every home in Clackamas, OR needs a good air conditioner and heating system. Extreme temperatures both hot and cold can be worse than an inconvenience: they can pose a health issue for your home. Reliable HVAC services keep your family comfortable and free of illness.

At The Clean Air Act Inc., we understand the importance of quality air conditioning and heating services in Clackamas, OR, as well as related products like dehumidifiers and air purifiers. We can install new systems, replace old ones, and repair and maintain any operating AC unit or heating system throughout the Clackamas, OR area!

AC Repair & Installation

AC repair calls rarely pick the most convenient moment to take place: usually right in the middle of a Clackamas, OR heat wave. If you have an older system, a repair call may involve seriously considering an AC replacement: putting a new one in rather than trying to fix the old.

Regardless, The Clean Air Act Inc. provides the trained technicians to handle AC repair and installation services of all varieties. Whether you need a new system installed or just an older one fixed up, call on our team every time! Be sure to check out our AC maintenance plan to save money on costly repairs.

Heating Repair & Installation

Heaters use a variety of different methods to warm your home: from heated air forced through ducts to boilers that send heated water or steam through a system of pipes. But whatever the heater type, all of them need to be repaired every now and then, and new systems need to be installed when the old ones break down.

We take care of heating repair and installation services the right way, as well as maintenance and replacement services!

Furnace Services

Furnace services need to cover the entirety of the system’s life, starting with a quality installation that does everything the right way. It continues with timely maintenance designed to keep it running smoothly and swift repairs for those times when it needs a little work. Finally, the old system will eventually need replacing.              

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality starts with controlling dust and dirt in your air: something that can be accomplished with an electronic air filter and such services as heating duct cleaning and duct repair for your Clackamas home. It continues with germ control, utilizing systems like UV air purifiers, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers. Finally, it includes radon testing and checking for similar hazards in your home. Our team can handle all manner of indoor air quality problem, so contact us today!

Dehumidifiers & Humidifiers

Humidity levels can have a big impact on your home, both in the muggy heat of summer and our bone-dry winters. The most effective solution to such problems is having a dehumidifier and humidifier installed in your HVAC system by one of our trained professionals. Schedule an appointment today to discuss your options and plan an installation.

Air Purifiers     

An air cleaner, such as an electronic air filter, can make a significant improvement over the standard air filters included in most HVAC systems. They work well for any home, but particularly homes for people vulnerable to illness, such as infants and the elderly. Call us today to install, repair or maintain an air cleaner in your system!