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Rodger Brown – Owner

Rodger Brown

I have been in the heating and cooling industry for over 18 years. I began my adult career as a plant manager. NAFTA came along and my job started to send things to Mexico so it was off on a new venture. The change was welcome as I was looking for something more to do with people.

When I first started in the industry, I was in the electric furnace and heat pump field. I did that for my first 7 years. I started right away in the state apprentice program. I went to school for four years and worked at the same time.

After 7 years I was ready to go out on my own. I got my contractor’s license and once again was off on a new venture. Having a background in heat pumps, I was ready to install gas furnaces and run service. In years past I could not find anyone to clean my ducts, so with some research and time I jumped in and learned a lot about air quality and duct cleaning as well. Having a wide spectrum of expertise, allows me to take care of home–owners on a much larger scale.

Jayson Dougherty

Jayson Dougherty

I have been in the heating and air conditioning industry for over 12 years now. I started off in the tire industry which was ok, but was back breaking work. I then went to work for a warehouse in Portland where I again found a back breaking job with no room for growth. By then, I was ready for a change.

I began my work in the heating and air conditioning industry over 12 years ago in the 4 year apprentice program. My foundation started with heat pumps and electric furnaces. Knowing that this industry has so much to offer, I set my sights on learning gas furnaces, air quality and control’s as well. I am a person that will grow and thrive to learn more about the industry throughout my career.

In my spare time I enjoy working on cars, boating and fishing. I have a wonderful wife and kids and love spending time with my family.