Don’t Forget To Change Your Filter

air-filterWe are in the middle of the cold season and that means we are all relying heavily on our heaters. So it makes sense that you’d want your heater to last for as long as possible without any trouble.

The need for a heating repair in Milwaukie, OR is common around this time of year. We are here to help if you need assistance getting your heater back in working order! But we are also here to help you avoid those repairs if possible.

Did you know that there is one easy task that can help you reduce your repair needs? It’s regular filter changes! Don’t believe us? Read on to discover how this helps.

What a filter is for

Your HVAC system has a filter in it that is there to help keep the airflow into your system clean and clear. This component consists of fibers that capture a wide variety of debris, from dust and dirt to pollen and fur. By doing this, it keeps the internal components of your heater (and your AC) cleaner. which helps your system operate more effectively and efficiently.

The negative impact of a dirty filter

How bad can a dirty filter really be? Pretty bad, in all honesty. The more debris your filter collects, the more likely it will be to start creating issues for your system. This can include:

  • Reduced airflow: A dirty air filter will rapidly start to hinder the flow of air into the system.
  • Increased repair risks: With less air getting into your heater, it will be under more stress to try to heat your home. The increased strain will increase the chance that you will need repairs more often.
  • Reduced efficiency: You probably aren’t surprised to discover that your heater will lose some efficiency when it struggles to heat your home. A dirty filter forces it to work harder which will increase its intake of fuel and electricity.

The positive impact of regular filter changes

We’d advise that everyone check and change out their air filter every one to three months, based on their system use and indoor air quality. Why? Because it is a low-cost and easy way to really help your system and your comfort.

  • Steady airflow: A clean air filter will be able to easily capture debris without slowing down airflow into your heater.
  • Fewer repair needs: When your filter is clean, it allows your heater to operate easily which reduces the chances that it will develop repairs.
  • Better efficiency: Of course, a clean air filter will help to increase or optimize your system’s energy efficiency. Your heater will work more easily, which will mean it only uses the energy and fuel that it needs to get the job done, which keeps your costs low!

Looking to help out your heater this season? Check your filter regularly and schedule services with our team regularly too!

Please call Sydni, our Office Extraordinaire, to schedule your next appointment! We will take care of you from there! Contact The Clean Air Act today.

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