What Noises Are Normal For a Heater To Make?

Have you noticed that running your heater leads to the creation of a lot of noise? That shouldn’t happen. Your heater is designed to keep your home warm without making excessive amounts of noise. It shouldn’t run silently—that’s not possible, to be honest—but it also shouldn’t create concerning sounds. If it does, it means you need to reach out for heating repair in Oregon City, OR.

Knowing this, you may have one of two questions. The first is what noises is a heater NOT supposed to make? The other is what noises are normal for a heater to make? We are happy to answer these questions below and provide any heating repairs you need to get your system running normally again rather than noisily.

Noises No Heater Should Create

Let’s start with what you don’t want to hear. Be on the alert for these sounds when running your heater and, if you hear them, schedule repairs ASAP.

  • Rattling: This is a sound that can be thought of almost as a warning. Rattling indicates loose parts in your system that will break free to cause additional damage in the near future.
  • Clanging: Did you have a rattling sound that wasn’t addressed? Then it may escalate into a clanging sound after that part comes free and starts bouncing around in your system causing additional damage.
  • Shrieking: This is a distinctly obnoxious sound created by metal scraping against metal. You may have a loose fan blade or a dry motor belt that needs to be fixed by a professional.
  • Hissing: A hissing noise can be created by a number of issues. This can include a clogged air filter, leaking ductwork, or even a refrigerant leak in a heat pump or a gas leak in a furnace.
  • Clicking: It might be normal to hear a brief amount of clicking upon the start-up or shut down of your heater. If, however, the sound lasts throughout the operation of the system, there is a problem that needs expert attention.

What Sounds Are Okay for My Heater to Make?

We already covered what you don’t want to hear from your heating system. Now the question remains what is okay to hear coming from your heater?

The list is relatively short. The main noise that it is okay to hear is the whoosh of warm air being pumped through the system. Aside from this, as we mentioned above you might hear a relatively brief amount of clicking or crackling upon the startup or shutdown of your heater. Beyond these noises, you’re not supposed to hear much else out of your heater.

If your heater has been creating a lot of extra noise as of late, then it is worthwhile to have it checked out by a professional technician like the ones on our team. We can identify the source and address it properly so your heater works properly again.

Please call Sydni, our Office Extraordinaire, to schedule your next appointment! We will take care of you from there! Contact The Clean Air Act today.

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