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Air Conditioning & Heating Services in Estacada, OR

HVAC systems are complex, and when one of them runs into trouble in your home in Estacada, you need a qualified heating or AC repair service to take care of them. The same holds true when installing or replacing a heater or air conditioner, or maintaining such systems to help prevent repair calls.

That’s why you should always trust the professionals at The Clean Air Act Inc. for air conditioner and heating services in Estacada, OR. Call on us for HVAC services of all varieties, including installation, repair, maintenance and replacement services. We do the job right the first time, every time.

AC Repair & Installation

Every home in Estacada, OR needs air conditioning, and it needs to perform as expected for days on end during our hot summers. Call on us to perform AC installation services with the same care and attention we’d give to one of our own homes.

The same holds true with AC repair services. We know how to act fast when a problem arises, but we also take care to perform every step in a given repair job effectively!

Heating Repair & Installation

Furnaces and boilers both provide heat for your home, but installing them requires a vastly different set of skills. The same holds true for heating repair services, which must apply different techniques depending upon the brand, make and model of the system in question.    

That’s why our team dedicates itself to keeping up with the latest trends in heating repair and installation, and can provide all manner of heating repair and installation services to a variety of systems! We also provide heat pump installation and repair services in Estacada, OR.

Furnace Services

Furnaces tend to be divided into two categories:

  • Gas furnaces which run on natural gas.
  • Electric furnaces, which draw heating power from the home’s electrical grid.

Regardless of which furnace you have in your home, count on us to keep it in good working order. That includes furnace repair, installation, maintenance, and replacement services whenever you need them for your Estacada home.

Indoor Air Quality

Do you need radon testing to determine if dangerous levels of radon exist in your home? How about a professional duct cleaner to get dust and dirt out of your home? Or an air purifier to keep that dirt from circulating in the first place?

Whatever indoor air quality issue your home possesses, we can install, repair and maintain the right product to get it taken care of. Contact our team today to set up an appointment!

Dehumidifiers & Humidifiers

A dehumidifier can ease the strain on your air conditioner by removing excess moisture form the air.  Similarly, a humidifier helps add moisture to dry winter air and prevent the itchy feeling on your skin. Our team can install, maintain, repair and replace both types for you, helping to keep your home comfortable without straining your HVAC system!

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers installed in your HVAC system are intended to cut down on dirt and germs in your home far more thoroughly than you might with a simple air filter. If you want to know what kind of air cleaner would be best for your home, call our team today. We also provide repair and maintenance services for air purifiers.