Prepare for Allergy Seasons with UV Germicidal Lights

We’re still winter-bound in the Beaverton, OR area, but spring will be here before you know it and ,when it arrives, so does your annual conflict with allergies. Whether it’s you dealing with them or a family member, they’re no fun, and any steps you can take to alleviate that condition constitutes money well spent. For households suffering from allergies or otherwise vulnerable to colds, we recommend installing a set of UV germicidal lights in your duct system. They make an effective way to kill germs and other contaminants in your home.

Ultraviolet Light Kills Germs

The UV in the title stands for ultra-violet. If you remember science class in school, you’ll remember that ultra-violet light is light we can’t see. It’s found in sunlight in sufficient quantities to cause sunburns if we stay out in it long enough, and in smaller does, it what causes your white clothes to glow under black lights at rock concerts and amusement parks. It’s quite harmless in smaller doses, but it can prove absolutely lethal to germs and other tiny contaminants in your home.

Maximum Effect in a Minimal Space

Obviously, it’s not practical to simply install UV lights all over your home. Instead, a UV germicidal system strikes at the place guarantee to be the most effective: at the apex of your ducts, where all the air in your home circulates through when you run the heater or air conditioner. The light spreads across the width of the duct in an impenetrable sheet, and germs in the air can’t help but pass through it: killing or sterilizing them on contact. As you run your system, your entire household becomes cleaner and your sensitive family members less prone to allergic reactions.

Contact Clean Air Act Inc., to install a UV germicidal light in your home!

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