Prep Your Air Conditioner for the Spring

This time of year, we like to instruct our clients to start to prepare their air conditioners for the summer season ahead. We’re still in the last stages of winter, but getting your AC system ready now will avoid having to rush around before an unexpected heat wave and ensure that your system is ready to go. The best way to do so here in Clackamas, OR is to schedule a maintenance session from a trained professional. It will clear out the cobwebs and help your system perform at maximum efficiency, as well as spotting any potential repair issues before you have need of your air conditioner. In addition to the professional touch, there are a few steps you yourself can take to prep your air conditioner for spring. Here’s a pair of them to think about.

Change the Air Filter

Air filters are designed to work in conjunction with the flow of air through your ducts: screening out dust, dander, pet hair and other contaminants which you don’t want circulating in the air. You should change your filter once a month or so, but definitely before the cooling season begins. A clogged filter will reduce the flow of air and create a number of issues in your air conditioning itself.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit can easily become covered in detritus and overgrowth during the long winter. You might also have stacked firewood or other objects beside it while it sat unused. We recommend using an outdoor cover to protect against the elements, but whether you have one or not, you should still clear away all the leaves, twigs and other debris, as well as pulling weeds and moving heavier objects at least two feet away from the system.

Call upon the pros at Clean Air Act to schedule maintenance or repairs on your air conditioner!

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