What Kind of Homes Most Benefit from Ductless Systems

Ductless heating and cooling systems stand in marked contrasted to the centralized heaters and air conditioners that most of us are used to. Those systems generate conditioned air (either warm or cool) in one specific location, then blow it into your house through the ductwork to gradually raise of lower the temperature. A ductless heating system, on the other hand, uses multiple units spaced throughout your home, each one charged with heating or cooling just a single room or section. They cost more to install than centralized systems, and here in Portland, OR, not every household can benefit from them. If you’re considering a new system, however, you may want to think about whether your home can take advantage of what a ductless system can offer.

Size of the Home

Smaller homers can usually do just fine with a centralized system, since there aren’t that many rooms for it to condition and not a lot of energy gets wasted. Larger houses, however, can be very tough to heat or cool, and a centralized system can lead to cold spots, drafts and other problems of that sort. Ductless systems make an easy way to fix the problem once and for all. They also allow you to save money on heating and cooling a larger home, since you can simply turn off the units in the parts of the house that no one is using.

Lack of Duct Support

The ducts in a centralized system usually need to run through hidden locations in your home, such as the attic or crawlspace. If they can’t, for whatever reason, then you’re not going to be able to use a centralized system in your home. Ductless systems solve that problem very quickly, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of comprehensive air conditioner and heating without worrying about the ducts.

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