Look into a Dehumidifier This Spring

Beaverton, OR can get plenty hot in the summer, which is why you need your air conditioner to run at top condition before the temperatures get too high. But Oregon is also a very humid part of the world, and excessive moisture can be just as much of a factor in your household comfort level as high temperatures can. If you don’t already own one, look into a whole-house dehumidifier this spring. You’d be surprised at how much of a difference it will make.

High Humidity Causes Problems

When the relative humidity levels get above 50% or so, there’s too much moisture in the air to absorb the sweat off of your skin. That’s the main way our body has of keeping cool. So high humidity means that it feels hotter than it actually is, as well as making you feel sweatier and grosser. It can also foster the growth of mold and bacteria, which is never a good thing. Air conditioners can address the issue, but they’re not set up to specifically deal with humidity, and as such will need to work much harder to compensate: raising your monthly bills and the possibility of a breakdown in equal measures.

Dehumidifiers Ease the Burden

Essentially, a dehumidifier doesn’t do anything differently than an air conditioner does – lowering the temperature and causing the water vapor in the air to coalesce into droplets. But because it specifically deals with humidity, it can handle that load much more readily, including storing the liquid formed for easy disposal. As a result, it can ease the strain on your air conditioner, helping to lower those monthly bills as well as helping your home feel cooler. It also helps return the growth of mold and similar creepy crawlies, making your household healthier as well as happier.

Clean Air Act Inc. can install and repair a whole-house dehumidifier for you.

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