Consider the Advantages of a Ductless Air Conditioner

High temperatures hit Tigard, OR quite hard, and as such you need a quality air conditioner ready to cool your entire house. Unfortunately, not every home can support the centralized format that most people think of when they think about air conditioning, and even those that do may encounter problems with theirs. The solution is a ductless air conditioning system, which gets rid of the centralized model in favor of a series of individual units, each charged with cooling one room or section of your house. They can cost more to install then centralized systems, but provide a number of benefits that you would do well to consider.

  • Reduced Expenses. By shutting off the cool air in unused portions of your home, you can reduce your monthly cooling costs immeasurably with a ductless system, helping to keep within your budget.
  • Flexibility with Repairs. When a ductless system runs into problems, it’s usually limited to one single unit. That means you can spend your time in other parts of the house while repairs are being conducted and still enjoy the benefits of cool air.
  • Precise Temperature Control. Say you’re working in the kitchen with the oven going and things on the stove. You want the air to be cool to help offset the heated air coming from the stove. But someone else in the family is watching TV in the living room, and setting the same temperature there would be very uncomfortable. Ductless systems let you set a different temperature in each room to make sure everyone is comfortable.
  • No Ducts. One of the biggest advantages is the most obvious. If you live in a home that can’t comfortably support ducts – either because it was built before the advent of air conditioning or because the architecture is unusual enough to make it difficult – then this provides the ideal solution.

The Clean Air Act, Inc. can install and repair ductless systems for you!

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