Troubleshooting Air Conditioning Problems

With temperatures warming up here in Wilsonville, OR, you’re likely using your air conditioner more and more often. If a problem arises, you want to take care of it quickly before the heat of summer sets in. But those circumstances, however, it pays to slow down and do a little checking first. An air conditioner that won’t turn on or one that seems to be malfunctioning may actually have a very easy solution to the problem. It pays to troubleshoot first, before you call in a repair technician. That way, you can at least be assured that the problem is worth paying a professional to look at.

Check the Thermostat

The thermostat controls the air conditioner, and as such when it is improperly programmed, it can sometimes appear as if the problem is much larger than it really is. Family members may have set it differently than you expect, or someone may have inadvertently activated it by brushing along its surface. It may even be that the thermostat itself is malfunctioning: a much easier fix than a problem with the air conditioner itself.

Change the Filters

Air conditioning filters are designed to catch hair, dust and other detritus as they pass through your system. They need to be cleaned or replaced periodically in order to avoid significant problems. If the air flow seems awfully low in your home, check your filter and change it for a new one if necessary.

Check the Breaker Box

An electrical surge in your system may cause the circuit breaker to trigger, depriving your air conditioner of power. Check the breaker box to see if the switch has been triggered. If it has, reset it and run the air conditioner again. If the breaker gets triggered again, it’s likely a problem with the air conditioner. Otherwise, the problem lies elsewhere or is easily solved with the flick of a switch!

The Clean Air Act, Inc. is standing by to repair your air conditioner.

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