How Does Dust Hurt Your AC?

Dust is a part of life here in Portland, OR, brought in whenever you open a door or window and circulating throughout your home thanks to your HVAC system. We often advocate diligently replacing the filters in your system, or buying a formal filtration system to help cut down on the dust. Nothing is more important than your family’s health, and if you have someone in your home particularly vulnerable to dust (infants, the elderly, or anyone with sensitive lungs), then it behooves you to look into the best air filter you can afford.

Air Conditioners Benefit Too

But there’s another benefit to an air filtration system, one not always discussed in light of those more pressing concerns. Quality air filtration — whether it’s an electronic air purifier or simply diligent replacement of your existing filter in the system — can have a huge benefit on your air conditioner itself. Excessive dust can wreak havoc with moving parts, increasing friction in key locations like the fan motor. That not only forces the air conditioner to spend more energy to cool your home, but can shorten the lifespan of the affected part and increase the risk of repairs.

Coils are Affected

Something similar happens to the coils in the system as well, where liquid refrigerant reverts to a gaseous form and pulls heat from the surrounding air. When dust coats the coils, it insulates the air from the refrigerant, forcing the system to work harder to do its job. Frost can form on the surface, creating a growing problem that can only be addressed by properly cleaning the coils. Never attempt to clean the coils yourself, or scrape off the ice. It will only reform and you could damage the coils (which will cost a lot to repair). Instead, if you spot ice on the coils, shut the system down and call in a professional technician.

Clean Air Act, Inc. can install and repair air filtration systems for you!

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