Labor Day Is a Great Time for Heating Maintenance!

We usually mark Labor Day on our calendars as the last unofficial day of summer. After that, kids tend to head back to school and the fall season slowly settles in, though hot weather may persist for a few more weeks here in Wilsonville, OR. We like to use this holiday to remind our customers that cooler weather is right around the corner, and that they may wish to schedule a heating maintenance session sometime in the next few weeks. It makes sense in a lot of ways and could end up saving you a lot of money.

Why Maintenance?

A maintenance session is designed to perform two basic tasks:

  • Attending to small details associated with wear and tear: tightening loose bolts, unclogging burners, cleaning the dust off of key components and the like. Doing so improves overall efficiency and helps reduce the risk of a breakdown in the future.
  • Checking ¬†for signs of larger issues that may loom in the future, Most serious problems leave signs well before they actually impact your system. A maintenance session helps the technician spot them and schedule repairs when it is easier (and often less expensive) to do so.

Why Now?

It may seem counter-intuitive to focus on y0ur heating system now when the weather is still comparatively warm. But doing so give you the luxury of time: not only to schedule the session at your leisure, but to give yourself plenty of padding in the event further repairs are required. That lets you deal with any problems before the weather gets too cool, which means your system will be ready to go the moment you need it to be. The more you delay, the smaller the window to deal with such issues becomes and the few options you will have for dealing with a problem.

Call Clean Air Act, Inc. today to schedule a maintenance session for your heater!

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