Now is the Time to Decide if You Need a New Air Conditioner

August is the ideal time to perform a long, hard assessment of your older air conditioner and make a decision about its future. Summer has been running at a high clip for the last few months here in Oregon City, OR and while Labor Day is right around the corner, there’re still a few more weeks of hot weather to endure before things start to cool down. Your air conditioner has likely had to handle the heat on a daily basis, and if its warranty has expired, it may be showing signs of strain. An assessment now lets you determine if your system can go another few summer as-is, or whether it should be replaced before next summer rolls around. That gives you the entirety of the fall and winter to find the best replacement system for you home and schedule an installation according to your timetable, instead of rushing around when the system finally gives up the ghost unexpectedly. 

As far as deciding whether your system is ready to be replaced, the final decision is yours. A few telltale signs can help you make it, however. We’ve provided a brief list below:

  • Repairs. A single repair job can be enough to make you decide to replace your system, provided it’s expensive enough. Any repair that you eel is worth more than the system itself can probably be skipped in favor of full bore replacement. In addition, multiple smaller repairs coming one on top of each other — three or more in the past 12 months — probably signals the need for a change.
  • Higher Monthly Bills. Older systems are less efficient systems, which means you’re going to pay more in monthly cooling bills than you should. If they get higher than you’re willing to pay, a change ma be in order.
  • Age. Age is probably the biggest determining factor, and if your system’s warranty has expired in addition to either of the above two issues, that’s a clear sign for replacing rather than repairing.

Call Clean Air Act, Inc. to install a new air conditioner in your home.


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