Get You Ducts Cleaned Before Switching On Your Heater

duct-cleaningIt is finally the fall, which means that we are getting ready for cooler weather and fun activities like Halloween decorating. While you are getting your house ready and dusting off your cold-weather clothing, don’t forget to take your home comfort into account. The factors that provided great comfort to you this last summer may not be in such great condition this season. For example, your ductwork may have become much dirtier than it was in spring, to the point where it can hinder your comfort this season.

You want to keep your home comfortable and clean this season. To do that, you may want to include duct cleaning in Portland, OR as part of your maintenance services this year. Here is why maintenance and duct cleaning serves as a great preparatory combination for your home comfort.

Maintenance Makes Sure Your Heater Is Operable and Safe

Scheduling heating maintenance for your heating system is going to ensure that it is able to do its job this season when you need it the most. Maintenance services are going to address a variety of different problems that your heating system may have developed. This can include anything from loose parts or a dirty filter. Maintenance is also going to include a safety check that allows a professional to inspect your natural gas furnace to make sure that it is safe for operation with no chance of gas leaks.

As you can imagine, heating maintenance is going to benefit your home and your comfort in the long term. Those benefits can include better energy efficiency, improved heating effectiveness, a longer heater lifespan, and even fewer repair needs.

Duct Cleaning Helps Your Indoor Air Quality

One of the tasks that are usually done during a maintenance check is to change out a heater’s air filter. Now, while a filter change can help to remove dust from your home, it won’t tackle your indoor air quality issues the way that duct cleaning will. When your ductwork hasn’t been cleaned in a few years but has been in use throughout multiple seasons, it is likely to collect a large amount of dust and debris. While this might not seem problematic, there are several issues that build-up in your ductwork can create:

  • Reduced airflow: Even a seemingly small amount of build-up in your ductwork can hinder the flow of air into your house.
  • Poor indoor air quality: All that dust and debris in your ducts will get blown into your home when you run the heating system.
  • Affected comfort: That build-up in your ductwork can hinder the heating comfort that is provided for your home, and this will also add stress to your heater.

Duct cleaning is a service that will help address the build-up in your ductwork and will restore your comfort and IAQ. Just make sure that you have a professional take care of this service so it can be done right.

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