Benefits of a High Velocity Heating System

If you are considering a high velocity heating system for your home or business, call the Portland heating experts at The Clean Air Act. We can go over the benefits and your options no matter what your heating needs are. For upgrades, we can also send a technician to your home or office to determine which type of heating system is right for you. Here’s how it works and the basic benefits you’ll get.

High velocity systems are also called small duct velocity. They are an energy-efficient air delivery system to meet all your HVAC needs, including heating, air conditioning, ventilation, air filtration, and moisture control. This improves indoor air quality and provides heating and cooling in one efficient system. Similar to installing ductless split systems, there’s very little disruption during the installation process. In other words, you don’t have to tear out all your walls due to the use of a flex duct system used to deliver the air throughout your home or office building.

The other main components can fit into closets, mechanical rooms, attics, crawlspaces, and most other tight-fit spaces. This makes high velocity systems ideal for retrofits, but they are also a good option for new construction projects. These systems are quiet and provide ample heat for your space even on the coldest days of the year. You can also add a whole-home dehumidifier or humidifier for better indoor air quality.

Another benefit is that high velocity systems evenly distribute the air to every room in your house evenly. However, if you are upgrading, you will need to make sure your air handler is upgraded to ensure that it is compatible with the new high velocity system. While there are many heating replacement options, you may find that a high velocity system is the most cost-effective upgrade for your needs, but it’s always good to speak with a professional contractor first.

Don’t hesitate to call the Portland heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality experts at The Clean Air Act for all your questions about high velocity heating systems. Call today to get started!

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