Benefits of High Efficiency, Small Ductwork HVAC Systems

High efficiency small ductwork systems, also called high velocity mini duct systems, are a relatively new technology in the heating and air conditioning. While the general concept is the same as traditional forced air system, the small systems provide some attractive benefits to homeowners. Below we explore some of the benefits to the high velocity mini duct systems and how you can take advantage of them in your home in Portland.

What is a High Efficiency Small Ductwork HVAC System

The mini duct systems work in almost the same way that traditional forced air system do. They use a central air handler to pump air through a series of ducts that terminate into a register in each room. However, the biggest difference is that they’re smaller. With a smaller duct, the high velocity systems gain several advantages which we explore below.

Greater Efficiency

There are several benefits to the smaller size of the duct and the high velocity of the air traveling through it.

  • Reduced Surface Area – With about 65% less surface area that traditional ductwork, there is less room for heat to leave the air. The greatly increases the efficiency of the mini duct system.
  • Unique Construction – Because of the way that the small ducts are built, they are almost air tight. This means that while the air is traveling through the duct, less of it is escaping. You get more of the air that you paid to heat or cool delivered to each of your rooms.
  • Air speed – The air moves through the smaller ducts much quicker than in traditional box ductwork. Less time spent in the duct means that there is less time for the air to lose its heat energy.

Reduced Space Requirements

Another obvious benefit is that high velocity mini duct systems require less space. Mini duct systems can fit into walls where traditional ducting could never fit. Mini systems are perfect for retrofitting older homes that lack the attic space for ductwork. Mini duct systems use about 1/3 of the amount of space as traditional ducting.

If you have any questions about high velocity mini duct systems and if they’re the right choice for your home in Portland, give the experts at Clean Air Act a call today.

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