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Portland High Velocity Heating Systems by The Clean Air Act Inc.

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There are a lot of ways to heat your home these days, but one of the most exciting new entrants in the field of home comfort is high velocity heating. These systems are quickly becoming a popular option for homeowners throughout the Portland, OR area because of their efficiency and ability to provide even, reliable heat throughout even the longest of winters.

More than that, they are incredibly adaptable to different situations, with it’s heat pump system offering a combination of both heating and cooling. If this sounds like something you would like to learn more about, contact The Clean Air Act Inc. today. Our professionals can help you determine if high velocity heating is right for you and then put together an installation plan for your home.

The Clean Air Act Inc. installs and services high velocity heating systems throughout the greater Portland metropolitan area. Contact us to learn more.

What is High Velocity Heating?

High velocity heating is growing in popularity largely because of how minimal of an impact it has on your home. Traditional forced air heating systems required installation of ducts and vents throughout your home. With a high velocity system, your home is spared the removal of walls or floorboards. High velocity heating systems work with small, flexible ducts or tubes that can be squeezed between walls, floorboards or ceilings throughout the home. Unlike traditional ductwork, these are not prefabricated or custom cut. Instead of diffusion, which supplies heated air to a room and then lets it distribute naturally, high velocity heating systems aspirate. The air enters the room at a high speed, usually 2000 ft/sec, and generates currents that distribute air evenly throughout the space. It maintains even temperature throughout each area of your house and reduces stagnant air pockets.

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Another benefit is how quiet high velocity systems are. They make almost no noise in generating or delivering your heated air. With an added noise dampener in most air handlers and extra insulation in all air conduits, the sound of your heating system will be muffled to almost nothing – you get the convenience and comfort of a top tier heating system without any of the drawbacks.

We Install High Velocity Heating System in Portland

Because high velocity heating systems require no customization to your home, they’re fairly simple to install – on par with running new wiring for your attic or basement. Not only is it simple and non–invasive, installation of a high velocity heating system is far less expensive than a traditional system that requires bulky ductwork.

One thing to consider is that high velocity systems generate air currents. These air currents distribute air to every room in your house evenly, whereas a traditional system can diffuse air into only the rooms you want to heat. If you block a vent or close an outlet, the noise will increase substantially, so you should talk to your contractor if you have rooms you’d like not to heat at certain times of the year.

If you have an existing heating system in place, you may need to upgrade your air handler as well. Most high velocity systems require a lot of performance from the mechanical parts of HVAC systems. This means your air handler must not only be capable of delivering air to match the drag from your ducts; it must withstand the added pressure of being part of a high velocity system.

New Home Heating System Options

When it comes time to have a new heating system installed, you want a solution that will provide even, reliable heat for your family year–round. With high velocity heating you get just that without any of the drawbacks of uneven heating, destructive installation or noisy ducts.

If this sounds like the perfect solution for your home, call The Clean Air Act Inc. today. Our trained technicians will provide you with all the information needed to decide if a high velocity heating system is the right solution for your Portland metropolitan area home. Whether you have a few questions or you’re ready to move forward with your installation, call us today.