Geothermal Air Conditioning is Good for the Environment

You may have hear about geothermal systems in passing, and admittedly, it’s not a system for everyone. But if you have a large piece of property and can pay the installation costs, there are a huge number of benefits to be gained from the geothermal heating and cooling system. It draws upon the ambient power of the earth itself — which never changes temperature once you dig down past 10-12 feet or so. The system merely takes advantage of that fact to provide you with cheap, plentiful and environmentally friendly heating and cooling. Here’s how:

Coils Beneath the Earth

The core of a geothermal systems is a series of tubes or coils buried beneath the earth on your property (sometimes, they can be placed at the bottom of a small body of water such as pond. The tubes have a mixture of water and antifreeze pumped through them that facilitate a heat exchange with the earth: either releasing heat into the earth in the summer or pulling heat from the earth in the winter, The liquid then circulates back into your home and can then be used to warm or col the air in there.

Why So Elaborate?

The cost of installing a geothermal system comes from the need to bury the coils, requiring construction equipment and significant man-hours. Obviously, you need the space to be able to set up a system like that properly. But once installed, it uses very little energy: just enough to run the fan and pump inside your home. It eliminates the need to burn fuel or use electricity to heat or cool the air, pulling on an infinitely renewable resource instead. Besides being great for the environment, the system can save you a huge amount of money on monthly heating and cooling bills.

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