Stay Cool When Your AC Breaks Down

Hot summers are par for the course in Wilsonville, OR, and a reliable air conditioner can be your best friend when it comes to keeping your home cool and comfortable. No one likes to think about unexpected breakdowns and with regular servicing you can keep such risks to a minimum, but sooner or later, most systems suffer an unexpected shutdown. Once you’ve determined that the problem can’t be fixed by troubleshooting (say by checking the breaker box to see if the circuit break has been triggered), you need to shut off the system and call in a qualified air conditioning repair service. While you wait for them to arrive, it’s very important to stay as cool as you can. High heat is nothing to toy with, and these steps will help ensure you can wait it out as painlessly as possible.

Close Up the House

It may seem counter-intuitive, and opening the house in the evening when temperatures are cooler is a good step. But during the heat of the day, you want to keep you home buttoned up in order to retain as much cool air as you can. Don’t open any outside doors or windows unless you can help it and lower the shades to keep sunlight from streaming in.

Run Fans and Stay on the Ground Floor

Hot air rises and that means the upper stories of your home are apt to be warmer than the lower stories. Stay on the ground floor and fun fans if you have them to help circulate the air.

Take it Easy

Physical activity can wait until the air conditioner is running. Otherwise, you’ll just heat up and run the risk of more serious problems. Instead, limit your activities as much as possible; read a book or a magazine, or play a board game if your family needs something to do.

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