What Kinds of Households Benefit from Ductless Air Conditioners?

Ductless air conditioners stand as a viable alternative to traditional centralized models, and offer some unique advantages that more traditional forms of air conditioning don’t. They eschew the single unit model in favor of installing multiple smaller units throughout the building. Each unit is tasked with cooling a single section of the house, usually just one room, but sometimes more depending on your layout. It costs more to install, but can often be less expensive to run, and provides additional benefits that offset the cost. But is your Oregon City, OR home the best fit for such a system, or would traditional central air be best? Here’s a quick breakdown of the kinds of households that benefit from ductless air conditioners.

No Ducts!

The first and most patently obvious case is a home built before the advent of air conditioning, or one whose structural design makes it impossible to support a traditional system of ducts. Ductless systems make a magic bullet for such households, providing comprehensive air conditioning without any wholesale changes to the layout.

Larger Homes

The big benefit of a ductless air conditioning system is the way you can lower your monthly bills. By shutting down the air in parts of the home you aren’t using, while running it in the parts of the home you are occupying, you can save a great deal of energy, as well as wear and tear on the system. But that works better with larger homes, with a lot of rooms you need to cool. A smaller home, with less space to cool, might do better with a centralized air conditioner instead.

Individual Needs

Certain types of building have multiple occupants in a number of rooms: nursing homes, for instances, or boarding homes. In such cases, ductless air conditioning provides the level of control you need to give all the occupants the air conditioning temperature they want.

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