3 Signs That You Need Duct Repair

Ducts are a vital component in your household air conditioning system – transporting cooled air to the various rooms in your household – and because they don’t have a lot of moving parts, they rarely require repairs with the frequency that the main system does. That doesn’t mean that repairs aren’t needed sometimes, unfortunately, or that – considering the damp weather in Portland, OR – you don’t have to deal with potential issues like mold growth in your ducts. A good technician can repair most issues with your ducts, but you still need to be able to notice that there’s a problem before picking up the phone. Here are 3 easy-to-spot signs that you need duct repair.

1.     Higher Bills

A breach or a clog in your duct system often forces your air conditioner to work harder than it should. For example if a breach causes hotter unconditioned air to be pulled into your system, it won’t cool the air as quickly and it will need to run longer to pick up the slack. You can see that most readily in an unexpected spike in your monthly energy bills, despite the fact that you’re not using your system any more often than normal.

2.     Strange Noises

Trouble with your ducts often causes the air to be squeeze through a tighter space, or even escape if a breach is involved. This can sometimes result in odd noises such as whines or groans being heard in your ducts.

3.     A Difference in Air Quality

Any kind of duct problem interferes with the air moving into your home. It might mean that the air isn’t as cool as it should be, or that it doesn’t flow with the speed you expect. It might even mean an increase in dust or a gross musty smell passing through your ducts.

Whatever the reason, the moment you detect problems with your ducts, then give the professionals at Clean Air Act a call today!

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