How Do UV Germicidal Lights Help My Home?

Indoor air quality can be as important as heating or air conditioning when determining the comfort levels of your home. That’s of especial concern here in Portland, OR, where high humidity levels turn our houses into clammy nightmares, breeding germs and bacteria in hidden corners. A good air conditioner can fight some of that, but it’s not meant to specifically address your indoor air quality. A UV germicidal light can, however: improving the freshness in your air and eliminating sickness-causing bacteria to boot. They can be installed in your air conditioning system without a fuss by a trained professional, and can help your home in numerous ways.

Ultraviolet Lights the Way

UV lights emit ultraviolet waves, which humans can’t see but which can be spotted nonetheless. If you’ve ever gone to a rock concerts or a dark ride at an amusement park, and seen your white clothing glow in the dark, that’s a UV light illuminating the phosphorous content in your dishwashing detergent. UV light is harmless to humans and household pets, but positively lethal to germs. When they pass through it, it keeps them from replicating, killing them on the spot. And UV lights can’t be wiggled through like filters. Once installed in your AC system, they cut the intrusion of germs and bacteria in your home to an absolute minimum.

The Benefits

Not only does your air feel fresher and cleaner with the presence of a UV germicidal light, but the incidence of bacterial growth and sicknesses will drop off considerably in your household. This is of particular concern if you’ve just brought a new baby home, since you want to keep your house free of germs, or if you have elderly residents who may be vulnerable to sickness as well.

Contact The Clean Air Act if you’re interested in installing UV germicidal lights. We’ll go through all the steps with you and help you pick out the perfect system to fit your needs!

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