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Duct Repair Services in Portland, OR

Ductwork is an important component of your home’s HVAC system. Every day it moves hundreds of cubic feet of air between your air handler and each room of your home, ensuring you remain comfortable and that old air is returned to be filtered and reheated or cooled. So, if a problem develops, you want to know that you have a professional on call that can quickly and efficiently make repairs. In the Portland area, the duct repair specialist to call is The Clean Air Act, Inc..

For more than 10 years, we have been providing expert duct repair services to homeowners throughout the Portland region, so we can help you with any ductwork issues you might be having. We also provide professional duct cleaning services to help ensure you are breathing clean air.

Recognizing a Ductwork Issue in Your Portland Home

There are a number of signs that your ductwork may be having issues. The first and most common is that your HVAC bill is suddenly much higher. When your bill increases sharply, it is either due to a problem in your HVAC system or because air is leaking out of your ductwork. If it is the latter, the only option is to have that ductwork inspected and repaired as quickly as possible.

Another common problem that may not be as immediately noticeable is a slightly change in the comfort level in your home. This will usually be accompanied by an increase in your bill and is because your HVAC system can no longer compensate for the leak in your ductwork.

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Fixing these Common Ductwork Problems

When these problems become evident, you are already losing money, so it is important to call for duct repair services as soon as possible. Once you do, we will visit your home and set up a duct test to pinpoint the exact source of the air leaks. Often these leaks are easy to find because they have developed to a certain point.

Patching is a quick fix for small leaks, and we can seal your entire duct system quickly if there are multiple smaller leaks that need fixing. In rare cases, ductwork may need to be replaced in part or in full. This is most often due to improper installation or very old homes that have not had any service performed on their ductwork in the past.

Whatever your duct repair needs are in Portland, OR, know that the experts of The Clean Air Act, Inc. are on call to help you ensure the problem is as minimal as possible and is fixed quickly to keep your heating and cooling bills down. Call us today to discuss your options for a full inspection and schedule a time to have your ductwork repaired.

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