3 Ways to Prevent an Air Conditioning Failure

An air conditioning breakdown in the middle of the summer can be disastrous. Tigard, OR can be extremely hot and humid, and losing your ability to control the temperature in your home can pose a health risk as well as eliminating your ability to be comfortable. We’re proud of the speed and efficiency with which we operate when there’s a problem and we conduct first-rate AC repair services, but preventing an AC failure is less expensive and troublesome than reacting to a breakdown after it has occurred. Here are 3 good ways to prevent and air conditioning failure and keep your system running throughout the summer.

1. Watch for Signs of Trouble

Anytime your air conditioner evinces something out of the ordinary, it pays to give it your full attention. Diagnosing a specific problem is best left to trained professionals, but you can sot one of three or four common signs of trouble , including:

  • Odd noises such as hums, groans and buzzes: anything that doesn’t sound like the AC’s normal functioning.
  • Reduced air flow in the vents.
  • Lukewarm air, or air that is less cool than expected.
  • Sudden, unjustified spikes in your monthly bills.

2. Schedule a Maintenance Session

A maintenance session should be conducted at the beginning of every summer before cooling season starts. It gives the technician a chance to correct a number of little problems that could add up to bigger ones. If an issue is present, it lets you schedule a repair session and get it taken care of before it knocks you AC out of commission in the middle of a hot day.

3. Improve Household Efficiency

The more energy efficient your household is, the less strain it puts on your air conditioner. Seal creaks around your doors and windows with weather stripping, program your thermostat to turn on right before you come home instead of letting it run all day, and set the temperature a few degrees higher than you normally do to keep that stress in check.

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