Own a Mobile Home? Consider a Heat Pump!

Spring has arrived here in Tualatin, OR, and summer will be here before you know it. That makes this an ideal time to install a new air conditioning system in your home. Mobile home owners usually content themselves with box-mounted air conditioning units and space heaters, but those are incomplete systems at best. A better option can be found with a heat pump, which uses the principles of air conditioning to both heat and cool your home. They make a good fit for our Oregon climate, with its cool-but-not-too-cold winters, and for mobile home owners interested in heating and cooling options would be well-advised to give it a look. Recent benefits have made the process of doing so even easier.

How a Heat Pump Works

Like air conditioners, heat pumps circular refrigerant through a closed system: release heat energy into the air outside your home, then cooling the air inside your home, where it can be blown through the various rooms with a fan. There’s just one difference. The heat pump can reverse the flow of refrigerant, releasing cool air outside and hot air inside. That allows you to both heat and cool your unit in one fell swoop, no small consideration when dealing with a mobile home.

New Incentives

Here at Clean Air Act, Inc., we’ve recently completed a pilot program in conjunction with PGE and Energy Trust of Oregon, permitting us to install heat pumps in mobile homes and similar households. Through the use of incentives and other benefits, we can offer that service for a drastically reduced rate: about $1,000 in many instances. Considering the benefits that such an installation can provide, it pays to consult with a trained technician about your options today.

Clean Air Act, Inc. is standing by to answer your questions about heat pump installation!

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