Signs You Need Duct Repair

Your ducts serve an important purpose in your air conditioning and heating system: carrying the heated and cooled air from your system to the various corners of your home. Since they don’t have moving parts, they rarely break down, but they can suffer damage. Breaches can open up with connecting sections or when the primary length of duct is damaged from animals or other factors. When that happens, you need a trained service to come to your Portland, OR home and fix the issue, but first, you need to spot the signs you need duct repair. Here’s a quick breakdown.

  • Noises. As the air passes through the breach, it’s apt to create some unusual noises which you may be able to detect. They can include humming noise, whirring noises, groans and squeals as the sides of the ducts react to the sensation
  • Higher Bills. A breach in the ducts either pulls conditioned air out or brings unconditioned air in. Either way, the air isn’t the precise temperature you want, which means your system needs to work harder to do its job. If you notice that your bills are going up despite the fact that you’re not using your air conditioner any more often than normal, you may be looking at a breach.
  • Lower Air Flow. The same thing happens when the breach lowers the air flow through your system. It reduces the speed with which cool or warm air reaches your space, which you can spot by holding your hand up to the air vent.
  • Hot or Cold Spots. If the breach in question occurs right next to a wall, you may be able to detect it by feeling for a hot or a cold spot, as the conditioned air exist directly onto the wall.

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