Does Your Home’s HVAC Need a New Air Handler?

The air handler inside your home’s HVAC system is arguably one of its more important components. Having air handler problems can mean that your HVAC system can’t push conditioned air out into your home. You can keep reading to learn about some of the early signs that indicate your air handler isn’t working the way it should.

When you give us a call before your air handler stops working completely, we can often make repairs instead of having to replace the entire component. If you suspect that you need air handler installation in Troutdale, you can give our team a call to schedule your service appointment.

What is an Air Handler? 

The air handler on your residential HVAC system is the large indoor unit that comprises several different components. The evaporator coil, the blower and ventilation components all make up the air handler. It’s usually housed inside of a large indoor unit that is tucked safely away in a closet. 

First, air comes in through the intake grate where your air filter is located. Then the air is cooled using the evaporator coils, with heat channeling away from your home to the outdoor portion of the unit using the ventilation components. Humidity condenses down and releases outside via the condensate drain line. The blower pushes air out into the ductwork so it can reach the walls of your home.

Signs You Need a New Air Handler 

Sometimes there are individual components within the air handler that need to be repaired or replaced. But other times, the air handler itself is old enough that the entire unit needs to be replaced. Often times, if one thing goes wrong the damage can spread within the air handler to impact all of the components.

Lack of cooling is one sign that your air handler is struggling. If cold air is not reaching the vents to blow out into your rooms, it’s possible that there is a low refrigerant charge. This is usually due to a refrigerant leak that needs to be located and repaired. Then the refrigerant levels need to be recharged so that they are adequate enough for cooling. 

Other times, cool air may be blowing through the vents, but the stream of airflow is not very strong. When this happens, there is often something wrong with the blower portion of the air handler. You may hear grinding because the blower components need lubrication, or scraping if the blades are bent. 

Any time you suspect blower motor problems, you should turn your unit off completely to prevent additional damage. It’s possible for the blower motor problems to get significant enough that they cannot be repaired and require a total replacement instead.

Keep in mind that the air handler can be expensive to replace. If your air conditioner is already older, you may want to upgrade the entire unit instead of just the air handler. You can expect your AC to last for around 15 years, so once you get close to that mark it’s more likely that a total replacement is a better idea.

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