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Air Handler Installation in Portland, OR

The Clean Air Act Inc.
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Your air handler is an important device in your home. When your air conditioner or heating system turns on, it is the air handler that moves that air from the HVAC system to the vents that distribute it into your home. Your air handler is carefully sized to provide ample air flow for your home based on your ductwork, the total size of your home and the layout of your HVAC system. It also filters the air as well, meaning it is a vital component in the maintenance of indoor air quality. So, when it comes time for air handler installation and replacement for your Portland home, call the experts of The Clean Air Act Inc.

We have been providing expert heating and cooling services for homeowners throughout the Portland area for more than 10 years and can do the same for you. Whether you need a new air handler installed as part of a new home or whether your current system has broken down and you need your air handler repaired, we can assist you.

Do you need to install a new air handler? The Clean Air Act Inc. offers professional air handler installation throughout the greater Portland metropolitan area.

Choosing a New Air Handler for Your Portland Home

The first step is to choose an air handler that matches the needs of your home. We will start by visiting your home and performing a thorough inspection of your heating and cooling system. During this inspection, we will check your current air handler, if you have one, and try to match the replacement to the same capacity and style as the old one. However, if you have had new components added to your heating or cooling systems or are having either replaced at the same time as your air handler, an upgrade may be recommended.

Other factors we will consider in this process include checking for potential problems in related components of your HVAC system such as your ductwork or any of the major heating or cooling components in your home. If any of these systems also need to be upgraded, we will recommend the best course of action during this visit.

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The Installation Process for Your New Air Handler

Our Portland air handler installation and replacement specialists will arrive at your home on the day of installation and start by removing any existing components. We will recycle these for you, so you do not have to worry about the disposal process. After they have been replaced, we will start the process of moving the new air handler into your home. Because you will be without heating and cooling for the entire installation process, we recommend you have this procedure performed either on a day when you will not be home or during the mild spring or fall months.

Whatever your home heating and cooling needs are, know that The Clean Air Act Inc. is here for you. We have been working on the air handlers of Portland residents for more than 10 years and can do the same for you.

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I have used the Clean Air Act since August 2006 and highly recommend this company. We have hired the Clean Air Act’s services covering the entire state of Oregon including Prineville, Lincoln City, Medford, Detroit, Madras, Eugene, Astoria and many local

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