3 Reasons to Schedule Heating Repair Now Instead of Later on

It’s easy to think that since winter is over you can turn off your heater and worry about any maintenance or repairs later in the year. But we encourage you to make the opposite choice instead. Don’t put off for later what you can get done now.

Checking off heater repairs and having the service complete now means that you’ll have peace of mind for the rest of the year that your heater is taken care of and ready to turn back on and heat your home again in the fall. You can keep reading to learn more about all of the benefits of prioritizing heater repairs now in the springtime. Then give our team a call to schedule your heating repair in Portland.

Have Peace of Mind

Nothing is as valuable as the peace of mind in knowing that you have taken care of an important task ahead of time. Whether your heater worked great this season with no hiccups or faced some issues, maintenance is equally important in both scenarios. 

Either you need to address obvious repair needs, or you need to have your system checked out to catch any developing repair needs before they are major. Either way, making heater maintenance a priority now will ensure that your heater is ready to turn on and work at its best when fall rolls around again and temperatures drop.

Prevent Problems From Getting Worse

If there are existing problems inside of your heater, it could worsen significantly over the period of months when your heater sits unused. A component that is stuck or out of place could get worse. The lubrication in between gears can dry up more, and grime can worsen.

When you address heater repair needs now by scheduling a maintenance appointment, you can take care of all of these potential problems. Our service team can clean out in between gears and other small components to remove grime and relubricate those parts. 

We can also bring any repair needs to your attention so that we can go ahead and address them now and get them fixed. Putting off the service could mean your heater won’t turn on at all when fall rolls around. That will leave you calling us instead for an emergency heating appointment.

Know If It’s Time for an Upgrade

Maintenance is also an opportunity to stay ahead of a heater replacement. When our team checks out your unit, we can usually get a good idea of how much life is left in the system. This is especially important if your heater is nearing the 15-year mark because it is close to when you will need to consider a heater replacement.

Please call Sydni, our Office Extraordinaire, to schedule your next appointment! We will take care of you from there!

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