3 Ways Air Filters Help Your Home

A big part of your indoor comfort is having clean, healthy air to breathe, but if you don’t have it, you could feel like you are fighting an uphill battle each day inside your own home. A great way to clean your air without having to manage an individual air filtration device on your own is to install a whole house mechanical filter into your existing HVAC. While this may sound like an added device, it really isn’t. This is because a mechanical filter can typically replace the standard filter of your HVAC system. Why not just use your standard filter? The standard air filter in your heating and cooling system isn’t designed to help with air quality; it’s only job is to prevent dust and debris from entering the system, not your home. So to achieve a higher quality of air, it’s best to use a more effective mechanical air filter. What kind of benefits can you and your home gain from an air filter? Let’s take a look.

Better Comfort

Clean air helps you breathe better, so you sleep better, work better and live better. If you have allergies, air filters are great for removing the particles that can contribute to attacks, including pollen, pet dander, dust and dust mites and some mold and mildew spores.

Less Stress on Your HVAC

A better quality air filter removes more dirt and dust from the air, which means less dirt and dust clings to your HVAC system. Dirt and dust can form a layer on components that inhibits their ability to work optimally, but a good mechanical air filter can reduce this stress.

Helps with Chronic Respiratory Disorders

Contaminants in the air, particularly allergens, can seriously aggravate chronic respiratory disorders like asthma and COPD. Reducing the amount of contaminants with an air filtration system can help reduce the number of attacks.

We are proud to carry a number of air filtration products, including Aprilaire, for our customers in Portland, OR, and the surrounding areas. Call us today and see what an air filtration system can do for you and your home!

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