What It Means When Your Heater Makes These Noises

It has been a long and somewhat hard winter. Staying warm has proved a challenge but not an impossible one. With that said, the low temperatures and weather have likely created some strain for your heating system. Hopefully, your system is well maintained but this does not prevent it from ever needing repairs. There is a chance that your heater may finally need some extra help after this winter season. If this is the case, there is no better time than now to reach out for heater repair in Portland.

One of the best ways to find out if your heater needs repairs? Listen!

4 Noises Your Heater Shouldn’t Make

A noisy heater is all too often one that is in need of help. Be on the alert for these warning sounds so you can get repairs scheduled in a timely manner.

  1. Screeching: This is a sound that will become apparent quickly and will be hard to ignore. Screeching or squealing can be an indicator of more than one issue. For example, it might mean that the blower motor belt is in need of attention. Another cause may be an off-kilter fan blade scraping around its housing. In either case, make sure to call for repairs ASAP.
  2. Rattling: Does it sound like there is a maraca in your heater? We certainly hope there isn’t! The more likely cause of a rattling noise is parts that have started to come loose such as bolts, screws, or even fan blades. Rattling may also indicate a loose blower door.
  3. Clanking: You want to address rattling noises early on. This is because if they aren’t fixed, they can escalate into clanking sounds. This noise will be a sign that a part has fully broken free and is bouncing around the system, creating a risk for more damage.
  4. Hissing: While a whoosh of air from your heater is normal, hissing sounds are not. Hissing sounds aren’t the same as that whoosh of air. It can actually be an indicator of more than one issue such as a clogged filter, leaky ductwork, or even a crack in the heat exchanger if you have a gas furnace.

We know that odd noises aren’t the only indicator that something is wrong with your heating system. However, strange noises are often going to be some of the earliest warning signs you encounter. Picking up on these concerning sounds can help you avoid running into an issue when your heater fully breaks down and stops producing heat.

When you need to get reliable repairs for your heating system, you can come to the team at The Clean Air Act. We’ve served the Greater Portland area since opening in April 2000. We are known for providing quality service that allows us to maintain our reputation of being a great provider of HVAC services. It’s one of the reasons we get so much business through referrals!

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