Things to Know about Air Handler Installation

If you have a forced-air heater or AC unit in your home, the air handler is a crucial part of its performance. Without the air handler, the conditioned air from a heat pump or a furnace would never leave the cabinet and flow through the ductwork to the rooms of your home.

When you need heating installation in Portland, OR for a new air handler, contact Clean Air Act. We’ll explain a few things you should know about air handler installation.

First, only professionals can perform installation

Or, at least, only professionals can handle it correctly and safely. As we’ll further explain, air handlers are complex machines that require intricate work to connect them to an HVAC unit. Amateur installation can cause many serious problems. At best, mistakes will lead to a non-functioning air handler. At worst, mistakes can lead to injuries from electrical mishaps. Professionals must be involved from the start, since it takes their expertise to select the proper-sized air handler for your heater/air conditioner.

Second, air handlers are more than just fans

Fans are a key component of an air handler—but the unit consists of more than just a single blower. Air handlers will contain refrigerant lines (if connected to a heat pump), complex electrical connections that route wires directly to the field supply, special filters, and flanges to hook up to the ductwork.

Third, air handlers require sealing

Once an installer has hooked up the major connections for the air handler—the condensate line, the ducts, the refrigerant—the unit must be sealed properly so that it is air tight and no outside air will get drawn into it. This is important for the HVAC unit to maintain proper temperature and not pull in outside contaminants.

Fourth, air handlers require testing

The last step that an installer does is run the air handler to see that all its components are working, the airflow level is correct, and there are no refrigerant leaks. The test will also make sure that the unit is operating within safety parameters.

For your Portland, OR heating installation services, you should only rely on top-level professionals. Clean Air Act has years of experience installing air handlers, and we carry the top brands. Along with installation, we offer 24-hour emergency service and an excellent maintenance program.

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