What is a high-efficiency small ductwork system?

For most of America, ductwork remains the primary way of moving heated air throughout the home. Whether you have a furnace, boiler, or heat pump, you need good, clean ductwork to facilitate the heating process and to provide adequate comfort for you and your family. But, the box-like ductwork that is so widely used can be inefficient, and often cannot be used in older, historical homes that do not have enough room to accommodate them. Fortunately, today homeowners can enjoy the convenience and effectiveness of ductwork without disrupting their home with major renovation or awkward retrofitting. High efficiency small ductwork systems, also known as high velocity mini duct systems, are quickly becoming a new standard. In this post, we’d like to explain what they could offer your home. For more information, or to schedule Beaverton heating, call the experts at The Clean Air Act today!

A high-efficiency small ductwork system uses small, insulated flexible ducts that circulate hot air at a greater rate. Due to the small diameter of the ducts, they can control the passage of air, and prevent the tendency of air loss and air stagnation. The outlets are about 2” in diameter, and instead of bulky grates, they appear to be small circular holes in the wall. The small diameter and higher pressure of these ducts lets the system circulate more effectively than in conventional set ups, by creating a vacuum effect of negative pressure. The result is even heat, whether you’re lying on the ground, or up on a ladder.

Furthermore, unlike standard ducts, high efficiency small ductwork resists the accumulation of dust and debris, and when paired with an air filtration system, is virtually dust-free. While conventional sheet-metal ductwork is subject to energy loss of up to 30%, small ductwork is tightly sealed and highly efficient. It also provides up to 25% more dehumidification, which is essential for the summer climate.

All in all, high efficiency small ductwork systems offer energy efficiency in a compact package. For more information about how they change your Beaverton, OR heating, contact The  Clean Air Act today!

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