How Often Should I Get My Air Ducts Cleaned?

Duct cleaning is a great way to improve the indoor air quality of your home, to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your heating and cooling systems, and to reduce the impact of allergens in the household. This latter benefit is especially important for homeowners who have respiratory issues such as asthma or those who suffer from allergies. While duct cleaning makes sense, it’s not entirely clear to many homeowners how often they should schedule the service. In this post, we’d like to address this question. For Portland duct cleaning, call the experts at Clean Air Act, Inc today!

In order to address this question, let’s look at duct cleaning works and then examine the benefits.

  • How duct cleaning works. While it seems simple enough, duct cleaning is a complicated process, involving various specialized tools and vacuums to ensure that the inside surface of your ducts is free of dust, debris, and mold. The method of cleaning may depend on the type of ducts you have in your home. You can expect that all of the various duct channels, vents, and registers will be cleaned. Your duct cleaning professional may also consult with you about sanitizing your ductwork to prevent microbiological and pathogen growth.
  • Benefits to duct cleaning. If your ductwork is filled with dust and debris, then there is less room for airflow. Even very small amounts of blockage can significantly reduce the efficient passage of cooled and heated air through to your living space. Duct cleaning, along with duct sealing, can ensure that your ductwork is not limiting the efficiency of your system. Moreover, clean ductwork boosts your indoor air quality. As air blows throughout your ductwork, it makes any resident particles airborne, thus sending them throughout your house. For homeowners susceptible to allergies, this can dramatically influence their home comfort.
  • So, how often? While there is no set standard for how often you should have your ducts cleaned, annual duct cleaning is a great way to improve your energy efficiency, performance, and indoor air quality.

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