3 Benefits of HVAC Maintenance

heating-system-servicingWinter is here, and while we haven’t been hit by freezing weather the way the East Coast was this weekend, we still get our share of cold nights and snow. You need your heating system to perform every day in order to keep your home comfortable, and it goes beyond that. During the coldest spells, a lack of a heater can pose health problems for your family, especially infants, the elderly, and those vulnerable to colds.

A good repair service can respond swiftly when trouble arises, but an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure. HVAC maintenance sessions give the technician a chance to check your system for any potential problems. Small ones, like loose bolts or clogged filters, can be fixed as part of the servicing session. If further repairs are required, the technician can schedule them immediately and, in many cases, such repairs can take place immediately after the servicing session.

If you haven’t scheduled such a session in the last 12 months, now is a very good time to do so. It can provide a number of considerable benefits to your home, three of which are detailed below.

1. It Improves Efficiency

Heating systems can accumulate little problems that don’t necessarily halt its functioning but force the system to work harder to do its job. Things like loose bolts cause individual components to rattle in their housings, for instance, while clogged burners will keep the system from becoming as hot as it should be.  That, in turn, can drive up your monthly heating bills, as well as subjecting the components to a lot of unnecessary wear and tear. Servicing can correct those little issues, and cut into the monthly cost of running your heater accordingly.

2. It Gives You an Early Jump on Repairs

In the event that further repairs are needed, servicing gives you a chance to get a handle on them sooner rather than later. In many cases, that will reduce the cost of the repairs, since the damage will not have had as much time to spread. It also gives you some flexibility as far as scheduling the repairs goes: letting you set a time that is convenient to you instead of having to rush around rearranging your life in the midst of an unexpected breakdown.

3. It Helps the System Last Longer

Over time, HVAC systems wear down just like any other system. That can lead to increasingly expensive repairs later in life and, eventually, force the replacement of the entire unit. But when applied regularly over time, servicing sessions can cut down on that wear and tear. Not only does that tend to make repairs less expensive down the road, but it can help extend the overall life of the unit by months or even years in some cases. Considering the cost of a new heating and air conditioning system, that can mean a great deal of savings.

If you haven’t scheduled an HVAC servicing session here in Portland, OR, call the friendly professionals at Clean Air Act, Inc. today!

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