Signs You Need Furnace Repair

heating-system-repairsWith winter officially here, your heating system is likely going to kick into overdrive over the next few weeks: keeping your home warm during the coldest nights and providing safety as well as comfort to your entire family. A sudden breakdown can be a disaster, especially if it takes place just when you need your furnace to function the most.

The good news is that a furnace repair service can move quickly to address the problem and handle the issue before the lack of heat turns your home into an icebox. The better news is that, in most cases, the problem in question exhibits signs and symptoms well before the system itself shuts down (or forces you to shut it down). Spotting signs you need furnace repair early usually means a less expensive repair (since the damage has less time to spread), as well as allowing you to conduct the repairs at a time that is convenient to you, instead of having to rearrange your whole schedule to get it done.

You should never attempt to formally diagnose an issue with your heater. That requires formal training and licensing. You can, however, learn to spot the signs that something is wrong, and act accordingly by turning off the system and call in a repair service. Some of the most common signs of furnace trouble recur across multiple different problems. All you have to do it take notice of the symptom. Such symptoms can include, but are not limited to:

1.     Strange Noises

Most problems with the furnace come with an odd noise signaling the issue. Over time, you’ve likely become very familiar with the sounds your furnace makes when it’s running. If any sounds don’t match that – whether it be a pounding, a whistling, a grinding or something else – turn off the system and call a repair service. (In most cases, the noise will start and stop with the starting and the stopping of the system itself.)

2.     Low Heat Levels

If only cold air comes out of the vents when you turn the heater on, you know you’ve got a problem. But the same problem can occur even when the air is warm, just not as warm as you expect it to be. It can come from anything from a breach in the ducts to a clog in the burners, but whatever the issue, it will force your furnace to work much harder than necessary: raising your bills and the strain on the rest of the system in equal measure. Eventually, you’ll be looking at a serious breakdown unless the underlying issue is addressed.

3.     Low Airflow

Low airflow is caused either by something blocking the flow of air (such as a clogged filter or a crimp in the ducts) or else by something interfering with the fan mechanism (such as the blower or the fan belt). It forces the system to work harder than it should, and also keeps hot air trapped in the body of the furnace, which can cause a breakdown.

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