Sure Signs You Need Duct Repair

The ducts are a key part of your air conditioning system, moving cool air from the unit itself to the various rooms and corners of your home. They’re usually out of sight and out of mind: tucked away in the crawlspace of your home and left to do their job quietly. They’re often protected from damage since they’re out of the way, but worn bolts, troublesome pests and other factors can sometimes result in rifts or breaches.

This is a serious problem since it can pull conditioned air out of your system and increase the overall strain on your AC. In the worst cases, it can lead to breakdowns elsewhere in your air conditioning system, and at the very least it will cost you much more to keep your system up and running. Spotting the signs of trouble with your ducts can be tricky, but the sooner you do so, the better off your system will be. With summer expected to be hotter than ever in Oregon City, OR, you can’t afford to take chances.

Cold Spots

When the conditioned air from your AC gets sucked out the breach, it can flow straight onto the side of a wall or similar household fixture, creating a cold spot. You can often feel it just by putting your hand next to it.


Odd noises are always cause for concern, and when duct breaches take place, they can sometimes lead to humming or groaning noises as the air slips out.  Those noises will stop when you shut off the system. The good news is that they also make pinpointing the breach fairly easy, and allow you to get the problem addressed promptly.

Low Air Flow

This is one of the most obvious ways to spot the problem: reduced air flow in the affected vents, either a single vent or multiple vents depending on where the breach lies.

The minute you spot these signs, shut off your system and call Clean Air Act, Inc. for quality duct repair.


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