Why Is Short Cycling a Problem?

Short cycling refers to the tendency of your air conditioner to shut down after a brief running time, then turn back on again a brief while later. It can be caused by a number of factors, including low refrigerant, and malfunctioning components. In some cases, it’s not even a problem with the system, but simply that it’s too powerful for the space it needs to cool (which is one of the reasons why you should always have a new air conditioner properly sized for your house before you install it). On the surface, that might not seem like such a big deal, but in truth it’s a serious problem, and with summer on its way, Portland, OR, residents need to address a short cycling problem before the heat and humidity get too bad.

Wasted Energy

Air conditioners use a large percentage of their energy when they either turn on or shut down. Those points are also the period when friction between moving parts is at its greatest and the system suffers the most strain. Accordingly, you want your air conditioner to run from a decent period after it turns on – at least fifteen minutes in most cases. Otherwise, it wastes a huge amount of energy, as well as increasing the chances of a serious breakdown.

Lost Money

In light of this, you can see how short cycling can become a major problem. Not only does it cost you more in monthly cooling bills, but you risk an expensive repair call if you simply let it go. Because of the high temperatures and lingering humidity of our summers, now is the ideal time to address such an issue, before your system breaks down just when you need it the most.

If you’re experiencing short cycling with your system, or you’re getting ready to install a new AC and want to minimize the risk of such a problem, give the experts at Clean Air Act a call!

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