3 Benefits of a Ductless Air Conditioning System

Most homeowners in Portland, OR are accustomed to centralized air conditioning: using a single unit to generate cool air which is then pushed into a series of ducts with a fan. But you may be surprised to learn that other types of air conditioners exist, most prominently ductless air conditioning systems, which use multiple units spaced throughout your home to heat each room or section individually. They can cost a little more to install, but you may find that a ductless system works better for your home than a centralized system, as well as carrying a number of other tangible advantages. Here are 3 benefits of a ductless air conditioning system that you should consider:

1.     Multi-Zone Cooling

Centralized air conditioners have one single temperature that goes into effect throughout the entire household. Ductless systems allow you to tailor the temperature in each section individually – raising the cooling in the kitchen while you’re cooking, for instance, while maintaining a warmer temperature in the living room where another family member is watching TV – or even turn the air off in parts of the home that you aren’t using.

2.     Lower Bills

Along those lines, a ductless systems allows you to run the air only in those parts of the home that you’re using, lowering your monthly bills and saving a great deal of unnecessary wear and tear in the process. Furthermore, the lack of ductwork means that you don’t lose any efficiency to leaks or breaches, which further cuts down on your monthly bills.

3.     Lack of Ducts

Because you don’t need a system of ducts to move the air, this kind of system works extremely well in homes that aren’t set up to support ductwork (which usually need hidden locations such as crawlspaces and attics to stay hidden).

If you think a ductless air conditioning system might be right for you, then give the experts at The Clean Air Act a call today.

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