What Are the Advantages of a Maintenance Plan?

Spring is rapidly turning into summer here in Tualatin, OR, and this is the time of the year that we strongly recommend an air conditioning maintenance session delivered by one of our trained technicians. They’re not quite the same as a repair session, which is designed to fix a specific problem. Instead, they check for any potential problems that may be brewing, as well as taking care of little servicing duties like changing the filters and tightening loose bolts and screws. That may not sound like much and the notion of an added expense might not sit well with homeowners already braced for the higher bills of summer. But there are considerable benefits to doing so, with both short-term and long-term implications for your system. 

  • More Efficient Operation. Loose bolts, faulty hoses and other little problems may not stop your air conditioner, but it could force it to work harder to do its job, raising your monthly bills in the process. This is especially important at this time of year, since summer air conditioning bills can be high indeed.
  • Catching Repairs Early. Maintenance sessions aren’t repair sessions, and if something needs specific attention, you need to schedule a repair call for it. But maintenance sessions let you spot such problems early, letting you schedule the repair at your leisure and likely saving money on the operation as well.
  • Extending the Life of the Unit. Maintenance sessions are designed to reduce wear and tear, and when applied over time, they can do wonders for extending the life of your air conditioner. Results vary, of course, but the kind of care provided by good maintenance can give you months or even years of extra service from your investment.

For regular maintenance you can depend on, call the pros at Clean Air Act, Inc. today!

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