How to Tell If Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

With summer on the way in Portland, OR, your air conditioner needs to be ready to go each and every day. If a breakdown occurs, it could leave you stranded right when you need your home to be cool and comfortable. The longer you wait to call in a repair service on a particular problem, the greater the chance it will result in a serious breakdown.

In most cases, there are signs you can spot to alert you to the issue before it becomes a problem. It pays to check your air conditioner periodically for these signs. Only a professional can diagnose the cause and fix it, but it lets you turn the system off and call in a technician before the problem gets any worse. Signs your air conditioner needs repairs can be subtle, but usually fall into a few broad categories.

  • Lack of Cool Air. It’s pretty obvious that something’s wrong if your system only blows hot air. But even air that is cool — just not as cool as usual — can indicate a problem in need of immediate fixing.
  • Lack of Air Flow. Similarly, a block in the vents, or a problem with the fan or the fan motor will result in reduced air flow out of your vents.
  • Noises. Noises encompass a broad array of categories, from knocks and groans to humming noises, buzzing noises and rattling noises. Basically anything that doesn’t sound the way you expect it to when the system is running.
  • Ice or Water.┬áIce forming on the coils or puddles of water around the base of the air conditioner usually mean a malfunctioning component, or perhaps leaking refrigerant. Never attempt to scrape ice off of your system.
  • High Bills. Sometimes, it’s nothing specifically wrong with the system. It’s just less efficient than it should be because of a problem with an individual component. The surest way to tell is is to look for an unexpected spike in your monthly bills.

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