What Are Some Common AC Repairs to Take Care of before Summer?

Summers are often pleasant and mild in Portland, but that doesn’t mean we can ignore our air conditioning systems. They need to work their best to keep back the heat of the occasional scorching days ahead.

Right now, during the slower spring season, take the time to schedule repairs for your air conditioning in Portland, OR, to fix problems that have spilled over from last summer. Going into the warm season with a malfunctioning AC is the quickest way to end up with a broken AC.

When you need repairs done right, done fast, and done as soon as possible, call Clean Air Act. We are dedicated to bringing our customers quality on every job we do.

Definitely Take Care of These Repairs before the summer:

  • Bent fan blades: The fans of the indoor and outdoor unit, especially the outdoor unit, can become bent from debris that enters the cabinet. This will lead to a striking, clanging noise as the warped blades hit the outer casing. Although you may have the tolerance to ignore this clamor, you absolutely shouldn’t. Bent fan blades will continue to cause damage to the cabinet, leading to more repairs, until the problem is fixed.
  • Refrigerant leaks: The refrigerant responsible for heat exchange does not get used up as it goes through evaporation and condensation stages. However, corrosion along the lines or loose connections can cause refrigerant to begin leaking, lowering the charge (the level) of the refrigerant and seriously hampering the AC’s ability to cool. If you notice ice along the indoor coils or feel lukewarm air from the vents, call for repairs to check for leaks. Technicians will seal the leaks and then recharge the refrigerant.
  • Dying capacitors: Capacitors are small metal cylinders that perform the crucial function of sending electric voltage to the motors to start them (start capacitors) or keep them running (run capacitors). They can malfunction or fail, causing the motors to have trouble starting up and continuing to run. If you hear clicking sounds from either cabinet, this is often a warning of capacitors on the verge of failing. Don’t wait for this to happen: have repairs replace the old capacitor for a new one.

Spring is also the best time to schedule the yearly inspection and tune-up for your air conditioner. The inspection will spot any repair needs that you haven’t noticed yet, often before the repair becomes larger and more expensive. An annual visit will also restore your AC to its best energy efficiency, so you’ll have a less expensive summer when it comes to electricity bills.

Clean Air Act has 24-hour emergency repair service for your air conditioning in Portland, OR—so don’t hesitate to call now to get those troubles fixed in time for summer.

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