Common Air Conditioning Problems in the Spring

The mild spring weather in Portland, OR means that most homeowners won’t need to run their air conditioners often. Not until the summer arrives will ACs switch into regular operation to keep homes cool.

Air conditioners can still run into problems during spring operation. You need to pay special attention to your AC during the few days when you have it on. It’s important to discover malfunctions and have them repaired before summer arrives. The hot weather is the worst time to have a serious problem with your AC, and scheduling emergency repairs is more difficult because of the seasonal work crunch for HVAC technicians.

Here are a few common spring air conditioning troubles to watch for. Call Clean Air Act for air conditioning service that will make spring pleasant and summer free from worry. You can reach us 24 hours a day for emergency air conditioning service in Portland, OR.

Constantly Tripped Circuit Breakers

When you turn your AC on after a long winter hiatus, it might begin to trip circuit breakers. If this happens repeatedly, you need to call repair technicians to look into the behavior: it could mean loose or frayed wires, dying capacitors, or broken relays. Most of these are simple fixes for AC professionals, but make sure you have them repaired fast, because electrical trouble can eventually cause damage to the whole system.

Low Refrigerant Charge

The refrigerant in your air conditioner will not become “used up” during standard operation. But its charge (level) can drop if leaks occur along the refrigerant lines, the coils, or in the compressor. This could develop during the winter due to spots of corrosion along the lines, and the leaks are often difficult to notice at first. If you hear hissing from the air conditioner’s cabinets, notice frost on the indoor coil, or feel a significant plunge in cooling power, call for help right away. The leaks must be sealed and the refrigerant recharged before serious damage happens to the compressor.

Clogged Condensate Drain

Spring can bring with it unwanted algae growth, and this can pose a problem in your air conditioner where excess water drains out. The moisture from the evaporator coil drips down into a shallow condensate pan, and a pump then removes the water down a drain and into the wastewater system. Algal growth in the drain can block it, causing the pan to overflow and water damage to enter your home. Repairs will remove the pan, disconnect the drain, clean it, and then put the unit back together.

In addition to calling professionals for any necessary repairs this spring, make sure to schedule regular maintenance for your air conditioning. A regular inspection and tune-up will find any repairs you may have missed, and also keep future repairs from happening because of too much wear and tear. For maintenance or repairs on your air conditioning system in Portland, OR, get in touch with Clean Air Act.

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