Time to Winterize Your Air Conditioner

Fall has arrived in Beaverton, OR, and soon your air conditioner will no longer be needed until next spring. But that doesn’t mean you can simply ignore it until you need it again. The snow will fall soon enough, and months of non-use can add up to a lot of wear and tear if you aren’t careful. Winterizing your air conditioner when the time comes will help keep it safe from damage or wear until you have need of it again. It’s easy to do and won’t take more than a few hours, though you should wait until you’re sure there won’t be any unexpected heat waves until next spring to begin to do so.

  1.  Turn Power to the Unit Off. If you won’t need the system again this year, shut off power to it completely, either by shutting off the circuit breaker powering the AC or turning off the unit itself at the source. This will prevent it from turning on unexpectedly over the winter, which can damage it. (Your can always turn it on again if you have need of it unexpectedly.)
  2. Hose off the Outside Unit. The outside portion of your air conditioner can gather dust, leaves, bird droppings and other detritus over the summer. Hose it off to keep it clean, then dry it thoroughly (or let it air dry if the day is sunny.
  3. Cover the Outdoor Unit. Air conditioning covers are used to keep the outdoor portion of the unit clean and dry during the winter. You can purchase them at any home improvement center. If you’re concerned about the wind blowing it off, secure it with bungee cords. Remember to remove it if you need to use your air conditioner for any reason during the winter.

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